Littleboard is an Airlab Industrie official brand, manufacturer of light electric vehicles based in Nîmes (30), France.     

The company set up in 2014; a complementary staff is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing light electric vehicles. We operate Littleboard brand, Lab'Elle brand and are also member of Ocean Concept team.

Littleboard electric scooter was designed to make urban mobility easyer and more efficient. Our goal is to provide fun and efficient electric vehicles.

Our technical team passed many tests to check mechanical and electronic resistance. Light weight was a very important topics that we are proud to offer. 10.8Kg combined with more than 20km range is a technical success.

Over its travel efficiency, Littleboard e-scooter is an eco-friendy vehicle.

Littleboard is fitted with an innovative electronic braking system (KERS). This system offer a smooth and powerfull braking experience as it recharges the battery per 20-30% per charge.

Littleboard design is pure and elegant.

The LCD display combines current speed, range many other information to help you reaching your destination.

The waterproof wooden platefeform of Littleboard allow a very confortable feet position and easy ride.

Feel free to contact us for any question on Littleboard.